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25 Pictures That Capture The Vastness Of Space

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25 Pictures That Capture The Vastness of Space | List25
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We live in an immense universe - a place so large that scale means virtually nothing. After all, what's the different between six million light years and six billion light years? The distance and the absolute vastness of space is already so massive it's difficult for us to fathom. Despite this seemingly unconquerable task, we've taken a crack at it, bringing you 25 pictures and associated facts about the immensity of space.

Though we Earthians think we're pretty special, in galactic terms, we're pretty insignificant, not even 1% of 1% of 1% of 1% of the universe. And that's still an understatement. Here, we pair up pictures with facts of unfathomable proportions. For instance, did you know we can use interstellar matter as a magnifying glass to see much more distant parts of the universe? (The magnifying effect has thus far allowed us to see stars over 13 billion light years away.) Or how about there's a quasar that shoots matter 5,900 quadrillion miles into the surrounding universe? (That's 5,900,000,000,000,000,000 miles, if that puts it into any perspective.) Or how about that any one hydrogen atom on the sun is expected to collide with another one only once every five billion years? If any of these facts peaked your interest, you'll love these 25 Pictures That Capture the Vastness of Space.

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Infinitesimally small chances
The lit-up Whirlpool Galaxy
The misplaced arms
Gravitational lensing
Galactic cavities
Our Milky Way
The Milky Way's arch
Galactic starburst
The sparkling sky
Pillars of Creation
Orion Nebula
Quasar's ejection
Plasma jets
A tail of gas twice as wide as the Milky Way
IDCS 1426
Messier 60
A crowded interstellar neighborhood
The Pale Blue Dot
The lonely galaxy
An exploding star
Comet origins
The Sun's relatively small energy output
Our Sun, the factory
Supermassive black holes
A black hole weighing up to 5,000 Suns

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