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1300 plane take off from here every day carrying over 75,000 passengers. It's a peek at the summer season and Stapleton is packed with vacation is on business Travelers. 30 McKelvey will be among the vacation is playing from Stapleton today. Taking her children 76 and the sun rise in 7 to a family reunion Bank in her home state of Pennsylvania. What is taking advantage of United Airlines Children's Day promotion. Today kids under 14 can apply for one set of each must fly with a paying adult baby beds up with the tennis spot girlfriend. Ruth night so she can sit with one of the kids. 1:15 p.m. Jerry Rice on the kids way to board flight UA 232 to Philadelphia by Chicago. Commanding the flight is Captain Alfred C Haines is Kevin stop reported a minor electrical fault in the gallery on the previous leg but Engineers have given it be all clear. Japanese is a veteran pilot with $7,190 more than the DC-10. The passengers will be in safe hands today preciate it is a greater plan to fly it so I think I just turned in an old man's airplane because it's so simple to find but this time in the late 1980s there are over 400 cc heads and service. What is a plane with a troubled history. Windsor Ontario 1972 Chicago dog blows out on a year old bc-10 causing severe decompression. The pilot managed to land the plane safely two years later a dog comes up until he fairly busy then fly out of Paris. Find the violin decompression Tesla play Napa in midair old 346 people on board died. McDonnell Douglas find the Frozen pictures in the reputation as a DC-10 never fully recovered. The Big Ten making flight 232 today is in its 17th year of 7 and 11 / $43,000. So Today should be no difference Jimmy Kimmel is Deputy Commissioner of the Continental Basketball Association address. Jerry flying to Columbus on business with his boss and great friend Jay ramsdel the original seat on the flight. The bad news is there's no speak with Jerry he decides to stay with his buddy and wait for an even like the plane. Finally Opera six and a half hour wait Jerry & J bucket seats on flight UA 232 to Philadelphia. Flight 232 is busy today it's carrying 285 passengers and 11 crew. Debbie McKelvey bored with a friend and two kids they add to an unusually high number of children on board. 52 inch circle thanks for the Children's Day deal proscenium flight attendants Jim Brown Loyal lots of children on board means a busy week ahead. How to report a trip Janet excited to be heading home to Chicago. Captain James Hook my other bills Records & flight engineer. We Dvorak run through the pre-flight check. The runway at a way to take off clear. At 2:09 p.m. the three engine jet flies out of Denver. Debbie Mackenzie and sits with us on Ryan and her friend Ruth is one row behind looking up those orders at Monday at 3:16 p.m. at the finishing that meal. Subway how does a blue a terrifying blonde ripped through the plane. John Brown or is it may be a freak in the plane's fuselage. Business sign of any visible damage inside the plane but I'm in the cockpit Captain Haynes scans the engine and summons and quickly realizes of his number two engine is malfunctioning.

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