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Love Table Tennis? Here is how you can win – every time!


Table Tennis or Ping Pong is one of the most interesting games to play as you have only a table to serve as a playing area. Although it may seem small, you still get a fantastic workout while jumping back and forth trying to swat the ball back to your opponent! When playing online Table Tennis, you will see that keeping an eye on the ball is very hard and in real life; it is even harder to do! While you and your friends place free bets at an online sport betting website of your choice, you need to know what tricks the players have up their sleeves in order to secure a win every time.


Length serves and spin serves

If you are an advanced Table Tennis player, it is a good idea to confuse your opponent with different serve advances such as medium-long, deep, short, down-the-line, pure spin and pure speed. If you serve the ball to your opponents elbow, the chance that he or she will miss the ball is greater as decision making in a split second will rarely be possible.


A third-ball attack

This technique is used when you serve, your opponent receives and you have a chance at slamming a winning ball. When having this advantage, use a short backspin serve, a long push and lastly a powerful loop.


Keep your eyes on the paddle

When you receive a serve, try to keep your eyes on your opponents paddle. Although it may seem wrong to let your eyes stray away from the ball, opponents use this to distract you when you need to receive.


Mix returns when receiving

Your opponent will continuously try to detect your next move. By mixing your returns with loops, drives, pushes and chops will confuse your opponent, giving you a winning advantage.


Table Tennis equipment selection

When selecting which blade to use, rather settle for a medium fast blade as it gives you room to rely on technique as opposed to equipment strength. You will also have better control over the game, but remember that the blade you are holding should always feel good when you touch it. There will be no benefit in a fast blade if it makes you uncomfortable when gripping it.


Remember your forehands

If you decide on a forehand comeback, you need to develop excellent side-to-side footwork skills. There is no problem in giving a good backhand smack but if developing both skills, it will give you the advantage you need and will also give your opponent less time to plan their next move.


Temper tantrums don’t work

When playing a Table Tennis game, never lose your temper. If you lose a few shots in a row, you need to remember to try and try again. When it is your turn to serve, you get a small amount of time to think things over and determine how you can beat your opponent. Think of the tricks that your opponent has not tried on you yet and slam the ball using exactly that technique. Take that as an advantage and remember to have fun!


Table Tennis has a rich history and each day new tricks are developed. Why don’t you try a new trick and stand sideways or a long distance away from the table and see if you can still make that shot?