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What time is it? Welcome to British Summer Time

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What time is it?, Welcome to British, Summer Time
Spring is here - and so are lighter evenings.

But to get to British Summer Time we all go through that moment of doubt when we wake up on a Sunday, look at our clocks and ask ourselves in bleary fashion: what time is it?

The digital world makes this all the more confusing, particularly when you are trying to set your alarm clock the night before.

Can you really trust your smartphone / digital radio / iPad or other fancy device to understand British Summer Time and the clocks going forward once a year? And that it is today of all days?

Well, if you are suffering from that confusion (and you are certainly not alone), let us help you work out what time it is now the clocks have gone forward.

The time right now

When do we have to do this all again?
Winter will return on Sunday 30 October, when the clocks go back an hour meaning dark cosy evenings.

How do I remember which direction to change the clocks?
To avoid confusion, simply memorise the simple phrase 'spring forward, fall back'.

The clocks always go forward an hour on the last weekend in March in spring and go back on the final weekend of October in autumn.

Dealing with the time change
GettyLooking at alarm clock in
One of the downsides of the clocks changing it it can disrupt your sleep patterns leaving you feeling groggy and unrested.

Take a look at these 11 ways to help you get to sleep to help you tonight (or tomorrow when it is the night before the return to work).

And Lucy Potter can help you cope if you have slept badly.

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